A Little Less Insecurity

I hate taking photo’s! No, seriously I hate it! For some reason I always looking like I have a quasimodo face! You know, the look whereby one eye is slightly smaller than the other.

Now granted, I have a lazy eye (runs in the family) but still, geez it just ruins everything! I might be over exaggerating here. Its not really noticeable if you look at me, but it sure as hell stands out like the Chrystler building in a photo.

I so wish I had the ability to just enjoy the photos that are taken of me. But, alas, I can’t. As much as I’ve tried, I can’t. Not so long ago I changed my avatar on Twitter to a pic of me. Half an hour later I changed it. Then got brave again and put it back! That lasted till the morning when the self conscious gremlins came to bite me on the ass again! So yeah, you guessed it, I changed it to something else.

Why am I this insecure (and probably also slightly neurotic) ? I am yet to figure it out. I’m nearly 30 and I have yet to figure it out!! Argh!

To the heavens above, just give me a clue how to fix this issue (one of many) and I’ll try and sort the rest of my sh*t myself! Thanks 🙂


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