A Little Less….No Wait, Scrap That!

I am, by rights, a self confessed shoe addict. Or as I like to term it, a shoewhore! I like that word!

I love shoes, I just don’t necessarily think I’ll be able to walk for very long in them!

They are sooo pretty! They make me giggle. You know that giggle when you’re in love? Yeah, that one! I’m not sure why this is, and I’m double sure that I’m not the only woman on the planet who thinks so! I feel if you meet a fellow shoewhore on the street there’s that instant connection. Its like a club that only we know of. The inner workings of this is complicated, but we know the drill.

For example, if we meet in a store and we are both staring at that last pair of absolutely gorgeous pair of shoes, it is, well, fair game! First to get them successfully, wins!! Plain and simple!

If any of you are in this “club” then be proud of it, nothing wrong there. Its wonderful and I’m happy to say I’m a gold card carrier! 😉


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