A Little Less….Addiction

I have an addiction. This is the first time I have come to say it. It has slowly been weighing in my mind for the last couple of weeks that I might have a problem, but you know, you just block it out. Last night it hit me, I well and truly have an addiction.

Like all addictions, its starts off all innocent. You discover something new and begin to think: “wow, its not as bad as I thought”. As time goes on you find that your need to have it is insatiable. Its like you cannot live without it! The thought of living without it starts to bother you.

I have tried to distance myself from it, but somehow it just keeps drawing me back in!! Through all of this though, and here’s the clincher folks, I LIKE IT!! Yes, I like it and I don’t intend on seeking help! I can however now admit (and proudly so) that I am:


It dawned on me last night re the state of my addiction. There was a problem with the sensor pad on my BB. You can’t do much if it is stuffed. I felt winded, gutted, betrayed! How could this happen. I was in a sh*tty mood and really just wanted to cry. However my genius of a hubby fixed it and it was like all was right with the world! I was happy. Couple of kisses to my BB welcoming her back and all was good.

My hubby is well aware of my addiction (bless him) and he thinks I love my BB more than the kids! I mean really! The nerve! Erm…can I get back to you on that one?


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