A Little Less….Torture Please!!!

*sigh* I love my kids, I really do, but sometimes…

The current issue grating me is that for two year old twins they get more tv action than I do!! Bloody hell! And don’t tell me to let them play outside more! I do. Its when they inside that they hog the tv.
To be honest I don’t mind when they want it on “music tv”. Its the “other channel” that is probably gonna make me have a stroke soon.

How much longer do I have to endure Teletubbies, In The Night Garden etc. Etc.??? Its slowly starting to eat away at my soul!! I might be exaggerating here, but that’s what it feels like. And its practically all day!

Now personally I think you would be lying if you (as parent) said that you don’t mind this. If you haven’t gotten to that stage yet, trust me, you will.

By the time they go to bed I’m like a tv fiend! I need some adult tv time, I don’t care what it is really. This however usually results in us getting to bed by midnight. Which is never a good thing as its usually early mornings.

*sigh* In hindsight I guess I should be thankful the kids haven’t discovered Barney! *grumble*


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