I Dont Feel Like Playing The Game Today

I love and adore my kids to no end! I do really. Its just that today I don’t particularly like them.

Today they have been giving me the runaround, been touching and on purposely doing things to aggravate the sh*t out of me!
Tantrum deluxe and just generally being mean to each other, leading me to yell, which inevitably they ignore. Their fighting generally leads to one of them being in hysterical tears. Leaving me exhausted and wanting to crawl in a corner and rock myself better.

Today they leave me with the want, no, need to just be pre kids. I want to go back to the days when we could do whatever we wanted, WHEN we wanted without permission from anyone. Where parents and in laws were not in the picture unless WE decided to visit and when it was just plain freedom!

I know how this must sound. And yes I do feel guilty! But I’m of the opinion that surely I can’t be the only mother on the planet who feels this way sometimes. Surely! And yes I do know this stage shall pass and I’ll end up laughing about it in the end. But as of this moment? I don’t want to play the game today.

Tomorrow, in essence I suppose, is another day. And it will be ok.


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