A Week That Was Designed To Kill Me

Its been a long week. Longer than usual. One day felt like two. I clearly underestimated my tolerance levels this week.

I don’t regard myself as the perfect parent. Oh no, not by a looong shot! I do however smile at my ability to cope. By Thursday I was not smiling!

My house helper/nanny was off sick this week. Not the whole week mind you but she might as well have been. Monday I could hear the beginnings of a cold and the fear had started to grip me then already. Tuesday I let her go early coz she just couldn’t be around the kids with her cold. Which didn’t matter in any case! (I’ll get to that in a bit)

The result being that I was alone the rest of the week tending to house and my ‘cant-sit-still-for-two-minutes’ twins. Wednesday I think I did pretty well. On Thursday I was in tears. Yes, I clearly could not take my kids for longer than two seconds and I cracked. They are relentless. Again, I state, I love them with all my heart, I just could not stand them at that point!

On Thursday evening my son started with a cold. My daughter followed suit not long after.
A silver lining came my way when my lady came back on Friday!! I was ELATED! I promptly got dressed and went out for the afternoon! I enjoyed every second of it! Not an ounce of guilt.

I came back refreshed and loving my kids even more! I think as mothers we all need a little time away before we break into a million pieces of nothingness. I stand by it!

Ps: I now have a cold too! Grrr!


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