A Little Less…..Interaction

I’m not even going to pretend that today is good. Its too hot (about 35 degrees celcius, I reckon) and the morning didn’t go well. And I’m still sick!

Our morning routine is wonderful! Because the mornings here at the moment are not too hot and not too cold, its the perfect time to go walking with the kids. I usually let the helper do it and will join if and when I feel like it (I can be such a lazy b*tch sometimes). Lately I’ve genuinely wanted to go with, except I’ve got a nasty cold which seems to be hanging on for all its worth. Grr. But anyways, back to the issue at hand.

So this morning was almost like any other, except my mother arrives to go “walking” with the kids as she thinks they will enjoy her company. Let me tell you something about grandma, she has no control over the kids and let’s them do what they want because she can’t stand the tantrums! So naturally they see her walk through the door this morning and go completely ape sh*t! My son decides bugger walking he wants to go tata in the car! My daughter clearly whole heartedly agrees and so the screaming begins! What does grandma do? Of course! She piles them and helper in car and off they go! All the way to her house!

By this time I was fuming as she cannot be firm with these kids and as a result is going to make my day very difficult as they usually return and are uncontrollable! Now please note: this does not just happen once, with them being all over the place. This happens every time they come back from a visit to grandma!

They eventually arrive back home, late for breakfast which puts their whole routine out of course! (With twins I find that if you don’t have a set routine, your life is over as you know it). Tantrums galore as she merrily goes on her way and says “oh I’m so busy today so I can’t take even one of your hands for you!” Me: “yes, but you have time to bugger up the whole morning routine and it’s a going to take me forever to calm them down!” Her response? Here’s the clincher folks! “Gosh they can be so naughty sometimes, I just can’t look after both of them by myself” and off the goes!

Bloody hell! I’m waiting for her to learn her lesson in terms of not being firm with the kids, but its like she’s a sucker for punishment and I end up having more of a stroke than her.

I am yet to figure out where I’ve gone wrong! Totally need to re-evaluate the situation before it kills me!


4 thoughts on “A Little Less…..Interaction

    • Haha! My mother in law is the total opposite! Although she hasn’t needed to give them a light tap on the bottom yet, they for some reason know where their boundaries are with her. Although I think she is a bit overly intense.
      Thanks for commenting hun. Appreciate it! 🙂

  1. Routine routine routine!! I hear ya!!!! If you want any kind of quality life there has to be some kinda routine with small kids. Those that can’t fit in with that, need a little refresher with perhaps an overnight stay chucked in 🙂

    • OMG! That was a desaster! When we went to see mars they stayed with my mom for two nights! She bitched about it but it took me another two days to gain control of them again! Like I said, imma work on it.

      Thanks for the comment hun! Glad to be finally getting comments on here! 🙂

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