Two Year Olds….Smarter Than You Think!

Maybe its just me, but I think 2 year olds are a lot smarter than we give them credit for.

Take my twins for instance. At 2, they are the King and Queen of procrastination. How they develop this habit that adults have I do not know.

My son for example, when he doesn’t want to do what I ask him (change a nappy, get off couch etc) yells “look at tv mommy” or “sit on cushie mommy” or “(insert sisters name here) turn mommy”. Procrastination and distraction from a 2 year old? WTF??

My daughter will do anything in her power not to fall asleep! She’ll fiddle with blankets, rub her eyes so she stays awake or find anything to distract her from her (my) goal of sleeping. Once she does fall asleep (and that could take up to an hour!) she’s out like a light!

Maybe my mommy senses are not tuned in properly to figure out how these “little people” work. And I say “little people” coz sometimes my son is like an old man! To be honest it creeps me out a bit!

I shall endeavor to do further research in this “too clever for your 2 year old boots” syndrome. Details to follow! 😉


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