A Little Less…Charlie & Lola!

For the last 5 days for every afternoon and evening its been going on! Non stop! The agonizing and painful repetition has me about to have a stroke!

Yes folks, I’m referring to Charlie and Lola. This kiddies program has been driving me insane! If I have to listen to how Lola will “never ever eat a totmato” one more time, I’m gonna break the dvd.

Ok, yes, you’re probably going to say its my fault for getting the dvd in the first place. But we bought it ages ago and its just of late that they have become obsessed with it! Why now? I have now idea. But its driving me up the wall.

We only have this one dvd and its the same thing day in and day out!! Maybe it’ll be better if we get another one for the sake of alternating the agony that is Charlie and Lola.

Another thing, why hasn’t Charlie just smacked Lola upside the head and said “do it! Now!” I mean bloody hell why does it have to be a huge make believe session to get her to do anything?? Nobody does this in real life! E.V.E.R!!

A second thing! Are these two kids orphans or are the parents just not good at parenting that they have poor Charlie doing everything? Actually they probably have had a stroke from Lola’s constant crap and couldn’t be bothered. Don’t blame ’em!


3 thoughts on “A Little Less…Charlie & Lola!

    • Can’t wait till they move on from it! Before I die of a charlie and lola induced stroke! Haha!

      • Ah, but then you move onto endless episodes of Pokemon or other such rubbish. Then, just when you think you’re over the worst of it, they move onto Zak and Cody or whatever other nonsense is on the Disney Channel!!!

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