Im Going To Land Up In A Mental Fascility!

Right its going to be easier to put this in point form to illustrate how this day went from “its going to be decent” to “just kill me now”

1. Woke up. Decent night’s sleep so not too grumpy.

2. Tantrum 1. Daughter did not want her morning bottle.

3. Day still going marginally well, until I remembered I have to go get son a new pacifier.

4. Tantrum 2. Son putting out all the stops to NOT take a nap. *#!+”!!!!

5. Eventually kids are down, and I leave to go to store. Now grumpy as its a bazillion (yes, in my world that’s a bloody number!) degrees outside.

6. Get back home, kids awake and are ok. I think, “hmm, only two tantrums today? This day might improve after all!”

7. Make kids lunch.

8. Tantrum 3. Son throws a shit fit over lunch and it takes half an hour to eventually get him settled to eat!

9. Kids start to fight. I yell that someone is going to get hurt and to stop. They ignore me.

10. Son gets hurt and starts his screaming. Daughter gets a hiding for being a bully and so the chorus begins.

11. My folks pop by for a visit. As usual chaos ensues and they leave after 20 mins leaving us to sort the kids out.

12. More fighting.

13. More screaming.

14. More tantrums.

15. *#+! «~}*# “+)?,.

16. Daughter throws another tantrum over supper.

17. *#:;+@

18. Lost my mind.

19. More fighting and crying.

20. Finally they asleep.

I’m surprised I’ve made it out alive.


2 thoughts on “Im Going To Land Up In A Mental Fascility!

  1. My son didn’t eat his lunch at all.
    He did everything he wasn’t supposed to do.
    He tryed to hit me several times.
    He escaped from me and almost fell off 2 mt of hight, in front of other parents, who were looking at me and thinking “what a BAD mother”.

    • Oh my word! I totally know what you mean!!! You know what? If they can do better, I dare them t take em for a day and see if they live!!

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