A Semblance Of A Life And Normalcy

I started work this week. I was quite apprehensive. How were the kids going to take it waking up to the nanny’s face instead of mine?

You know what? They are little troopers! They did just fine. They coped a hundred times better than I had imagined. They truly are strong little souls!

I got home from my first day and they didn’t scream and perform at the realization that I had left them. Instead it was hugs and kisses. I’m at ease now to leave in the mornings. Not an ounce of guilt!

I’m still a mommy yes, but I feel free and inspired by life again. It might sound like I can’t stand being around my kids. That’s not true. Its just that this is how my version of me being a mom works. I’m a mommy and yet I get to go forth in a career of my choosing. To me that is bliss!

I feel normal again. While I’ve got nothing against stay at home moms, its just not me. I’m meant to be a working mom. Its a balance my life needs to keep me sane.

I feel normal again.


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