Monster Theory

I am by all accounts still a monster. I am in a terrible mood! I’m irritated by everything around me.

I’m putting this down to the fact that I’m tired. Over tired in fact! That and probably, now that I think about it, the fact that I could’ve died about three times today!

First episode was this morning on the way to work a car tried to change lanes and clearly didn’t see me! Lots of hooting and heart pulpitations later, and I’m still alive.
Second episode, same thing just involving a truck! Tweeted pic of said truck. Moron.
Third episode, same story with another car. This was on the way home! Total and complete d*ck!

Am I f*#king invisible? How is it possible that you don’t see a car when trying to change lanes? Do you not, as protocol dictates, check your mirrors?? Dumbasses!!

So yes, I’m grumpy and tired! And when I wake up tomorrow I shall be grateful for my wonderful husband and children.


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