Monsters Don’t Like Inefficiency

Ooook, so I’m beginning to think that the efficiency levels at my place of work it totally not top notch! My contract has STILL not been finalised in order for me to get a staff number. This in turn means that I CANNOT get my codes in order to access my pc and the system used. This also in turn means that so far, more often than not, I end up twiddling my thumbs. I hate that. I also hate the fact that I’m actually pretending to look like I’ve got work to do! Why do I do that? Its totally not even my fault! So why do I feel guilty?

I am currently using a colleague’s log in so that I can type out docs on Word. But that is also limited as I can only print it out and cannot email as (again) I do not have access. So the amount of typing is limited as I cannot send anything.

This issue is proving to be the near death of me! I cannot stand just sitting here doing no work. Then again (and here is the clincher) because my contract has not been finalised in time, I found out I shall not be getting paid for the month of April. Now if they know what is good for them, they shall pay me double next month! It still pisses me off however as this would mean that I would get taxed double in May! So yeah, I shall maybe actually point blank do no work, instead of pretending to look busy!

Don’t get me wrong. Once everything is EVENTUALLY finalised I shall enjoy working here. The work is in my line of experience and the people (so far) are nice. I shall continue to assess the situation with regards to the humans who work here (I say humans, because today I don’t feel like one. Today I am that horrible monster that will bite if provoked).


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