Am I? Really?

I am currently employed at the Uni, as most of you know. I have only recently been calling it uni in an effort to try and be hip. Again, im not that old, but the longer I work here the more I feel it!

I clearly now have noticed this as I just read that in the first paragraph I have used the word “hip”. Do people still use that word? *sigh*

Anyways, although my department (human resources) deals mainly with staff employment and not students it seems ok. But it is after all a Uni and seeing the students wondering around campus is inevitable.

I look at them and think that, in reality, it wasnt all that long ago that I was here. Then my brain reacts and in my mind I feel like I’m 92. Truth is I’m feeling rather old.

I currently share an office with a 22 year old intern and thats when I totally feel my age. She’s young vibrant and ready for the world. I have news for her….


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