I Wonder…

Sitting here at work, still bloody waiting for access to my own pc, I was wondering what the kids were up to. I know they’re in totally capable hands, but somehow today my thoughts are drifting towards them and wondering what they are doing. I might phone the nanny later to check…or I might not. I think I wont. Best to wait till home time.

Last night I realised going back to work was totally the right thing to do. I have now removed any idea in my head that this might not be a good thing. It is a good thing. I appreciate and love my kids all the more. Not that I didn’t love them to begin with.

I am happy to be back in the working world where there are other adults and you can have adult conversation and your mind set is not mommy, mommy, mommy! all the time.

Although from the time I get home it is actually mommy, mommy, mommy! I do find, however, that my patience has increased somewhat. It takes now about a minute longer for them to p*ss me off. Im sure as time goes on the time frame will increase. I reckon I’ll take that as a win.

So, where was I? Yes, I get home in the evenings and its straight to sorting the kids supper out. Then hubby and I try to keep them entertained until its bath and bed bottle time. So far the kids’ movie Despicable Me has proved its weight around our household! Ok, so it is the 20 millionth time we watching it, but it keeps the kids occupied long enough to just settle ourselves since getting home.

By the time the kids go to bed we can at least chill, but that more often than not is turning out to be where one of us will eventually fall asleep on the couch. Just too tired!

Weekends the nanny has off. I again revert to having not a shred of patience in me (hmm, what was I saying that maybe it increases over time? NOT!) Totally different to the ‘week’ me. Might need to work on that a bit more. Its like we’re almost more exhausted that what we are during the week. Go figure!

But all in all I still wonder today what they are up to. Hopefully not giving the nanny (my Godsend) any more grey hair than what she already has!


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