Dummy Issues

Ok, before I get started, let me just say this:

Yes, my twins are still on the dummy.
No, I will do so when good and ready.
Yes, I am aware of how old there are.
No, it’s only when they sleep.
Yes, I know sooner is better.
No, its how I choose to do it.

Got it? Good. Right, where was I?

My son has now taken to chewing on his dummy whenever he gets hold of it! I try and keep it away until sleep time, but there is the odd occasion that he feels insecure and needs his “blankie and dummy”.

{Side note: Yes, he has one. No, I will do so when he is good and ready. Yes, I realise the implications}

So, to this extent the dummy does not last very long and it needs to be replaced constantly. My daughter had the same problem, but clearly just stopped out of her own accord. I loved that. My son is proving to be a bit more difficult. This is not what I love. It is frustrating beyond measure.

Now I am fully aware that this should be an indication to get him off the dummy, but he finds security in it to sleep. Clearly not enough because he still, for some reason, ends up in our bed.

{Side note 2: And yes, I will also deal with that at a stage too}

I have tried giving him what I call a “play dummy” so he can chew and go mad with it and use his proper one for sleep time. This worked for all of a day and a half! I’m trying to think of a plan B and have yet to come up with some kind of brilliant plan. I wish some epiphany whereby the answer will just come to me (and no, I told you, I will do it when they good and ready!).

If any of you can come up with a plan to help stop the chewing, comment on here please and I’ll try it!


2 thoughts on “Dummy Issues

  1. When one of my twins started chewing his dummy, I let him chew it off, and gave just the plastic part back. He cried a bit, but that was the end of it. For the other two, I had the mouse coming to visit and “chew” the tip of the dummy each night (cut off a bit) They still suck on it, but at a stage, they just leave it. No tears. Worked so well.

    • Im definately going to try that! Thanks for the info. At this stage its like he doesnt want to stop! but hopefully it’ll just fade like it did with my daughter. Holding thumbs!

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