The Thing About CG Movies

My kids have (I think) entered into the world of watching movies. And no, not the cartoon type, no no no people, CG animated. Cartoons have no bearing on them yet. And I say yet, because I’m hoping they do get into it at some stage. There are such wonderful classics that I would love to show them.

So for the moment its CG animation. Which means it’s everything from Toy Story, Despicable Me, Monsters Inc. to Cars, A Bugs Life and others. Now being kids there will always be favourites. I now thoroughly know the script to Despicable Me and yes I sing a very good “you got a friend” from Toy Story.

I told A1 that we need to broaden the collection because if I have to look at these any more I’m going to start dreaming of it, and well, I just don’t want to! So that’s where the others fit in. They’ll watch, but the fact remains Despicable Me and Toy Story are the favourites.

The kids have gotten so into these movies that N has a certain spot in Despicable Me where she tears up. And of course A knows certain parts of the scripts of both movies. If they aren’t sitting down and watching they will still watch it while they are playing. How they do this is remarkable. And yes, I have tried to put on something I would like to watch while they are otherwise entertained while playing, but they must have radar and know exactly when their movie isn’t on. Again, how kids do this is completely remarkable to me.

They are so addicted to these movies that it is the first thing they ask for when they wake up. They are not even properly awake yet and that’s what they ask for. It’s like it’s an automatic response. I think the mission for this week is to just try and get them used to other movies. This might prove harder than normal, but something has to give.

You know what? I’m actually missing Charlie and Lola!


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