War Zone!

It never ceases to amaze me how the kids could fight this much with one another. Do they just not like one another?

Today, once again, I had to hear from L about the war zone that was my house this afternoon. Lots of pulling of hair, biting, pushing and tackling one another to the ground!

The thing is it starts out as very cute play. Or at least that’s the impression my little terrors want to give you. Within a second, and yes I mean that amount of time, it all goes pear shaped.

One push from N to A or vice versa and its full blown war! I totally understand that siblings fight, but c’mon! This much?

Little A has teeth mark bruises all the way up his arm (sometimes on his back if she gets a good shot in) and N has scratch marks (not long ones just tiny little nicks) on her cheek into her neck! If the welfare had to arrive at my doorstep they would put me away for sure!

How on earth can two kids (2 year old kids for that matter) go at each other like this? I have tried numerous times to get them to stop, buts its like I’m the jester in this story. A1 has tried and they behave for only short periods of time.

Our house isn’t even big enough to separate the two! But like all sibling rivalry, they would miss each other if they were to play in their designated areas.

Go figure!


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