A Little Glimmer Of Hope

Lo and behold, ladies and gents, I finally have a staff number and am on the uni payroll system. I won’t however be getting paid this month, but will be getting paid double next month. I now can also register to get my codes so I can get my own email etc. etc.

This in my THIRD working week here! I have never really come across such an organisation that does things soooo slowly. My personal opinion is that their processes for getting things done are too long and too complicated. How anything EVER gets done in this place is a miracle. But eventually they do get done and this work pace seems to be the norm.

Maybe I need to slow down a little? I suppose this type of pace should be ideal for me after not having worked for the better part of two and nearly a half years. And yet somehow I remain completely frustrated. Things just aren’t moving fast enough. Yes, I know that I should not moan. I’m not really. I’m kind of just stating the truth. I am in fact very grateful at the fact that I am finally back in the working environment.

I need to force myself to slow down and work at this pace if Im ever going to make a success of this.


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