A Little Less….Aggravation Please

Let me tell you one thing about my folks, they tend to meddle where they shouldn’t. I have mentioned this to them on occasion, but it seems at their age they are also going deaf!

I think I have mentioned before that N does not speak as well as A. She has fewer words in her vocabulary and generally only says a few words. I do however think its because it is one of those “I’ll talk when and if I feel like it!” scenarios. At two years old, this is of a MAJOR concern to my folks who seem to think she should be rattling off the encyclopedia like her brother! They fail to understand that even though they are twins, they are completely different children!

A1 and I are of the opinion that if she doesn’t seem to pick up speed by the time she is three (which is Nov), then we will take her to a doc. This however did not sit well with my folks and after constant nagging, bitching and moaning 24\7 I made an appointment with the kids’ pediatrician this afternoon to have her checked out. I personally don’t think there is anything major (I say this because I am trying to be positive. I sometimes have a feeling she might need a bit f assistance with speech but I am trying to be rational about the situation. Paranoia again!) otherwise she would not have been able to even say “hello” and “goodbye” clearly (which she can).

I am overly annoyed at my folks for thinking there is something wrong with my child. There isn’t, and if she does need a little help, its because secretly she is a genius! Late talkers are said to be quite clever. Or so I’ve heard. Or maybe I made that up, I don’t really remember. But the point is who are they to judge when I take my kids to a doc? A1 and I are quite capable of making that decision ourselves!

They also have this other nasty habit of comparing my kids to the other kids in the rest of my warped family. They swear upon the earth that this is not so, but some things are just too obvious. They act all concerned with regards to the kids, when deep down I think there is that need to one up everyone else. I detest that.

So that being the story, I now have to subject poor N to prodding by the paed. She hates the doctor. Luckily I was and still am blessed with relatively healthy kids so they don’t go there much. She still hates the doc though.

Will have to hear what his verdict is then.


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