Full Of Surprises

So off to the paed we go. N seemed in a good mood. Which was good. While sitting in the waiting room N decides she wants to play with the beads on another mom’s bag. The lady just smiled and I was slightly mortified at my daughters’ ability to just not care whether the bag belong to her or not.

The paed then walked out and apolgised as he had to step out as there was an emergency. Another kid had been bitten by a snake. That was a scary thought. My mind began to drift at the thought that it couldve been my child and what those parents must be going through. Made mental note to always be on the lookout. Again I have to mention here that I probably do suffer (obviously a self diagnosis here) from paranoia.

N decides to then get brave and attempt to play with another little boy around the same age. And when I say play I mean try to take one of the toys he had around him with without him seeing. Will have to look into that thievery moments of hers!

Half an hour past our appointment time and paed returns. He doesn’t look relieved. We go in. My motherly concern (probably more curiosity) kicks in and I ask if the kid is ok. He just shakes his head. Before my mind can drift to the thoughts of a grieving mother or even prodding further he asks how can he help us. I do adore a paed who cares so much about kids and his patients. He seemed to well up a bit but gained control enough to carry on.

We then got to the point of us being there. After much discussion it turns out our little girl is normal and healthy. It also turns out that my son, after us explaining his speech pattern etc. has the vocab of a five year old. He is apparently way ahead for his age. Almost “rediculously” so according to paed. Wow! Didn’t see that coming. N has a normal vocab range for a two year old which is two word sentences. At three is should be three word sentences and so it goes.

He does not think it has anything to do with her hearing and in fact he thinks she is fine. Just to be hundred percent sure and to console ourselves (more like my folks) he did write a letter motivating she go for a hearing test. Its not urgent so we can go after our Easter getaway.

He also thinks that because A is so advanced for his age he is over powering her and will end up answering for her as they get older. He recommends they be separated every now and then so she can build a better confidence with her speaking. Granted, I agree with him that A can be demanding but how on earth do I separate the two. My mom says she can maybe take A for the day, maybe twice a week, and N can play all day with L. She loves playing with L she just never gets a full chance with Mr Demanding around.

So there you have it folks. Normal, healthy, above average kids. Hmmm, better day than I thought it would be.


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