I Told You So!

So it inevitably came to the point where we took N to the audiologist for the hearing test.
I have to say my N (yes my coz I felt good at that moment!) is perfect! Well she had perfect scores at least.

She passed all the tests with flying colours!

Besides this, it was actually really interesting to see how the audiologist would manage to do the test with my giggling (yes, she was actually in a good mood) and clearly in a “im-gonna-touch-everything-in-sight-and-totally-embarress-my-mom-coz-that’s-what-do” mode daughter.

Let me tell you a little bit about N’s personality. If she doesn’t like you she will show it. If she does like you she will show it. If she wants to ignore you (and yes it is ignoring because her hearing is fine!) she will. If she wants to be in a huff she will be. She is not governed by the laws of her parentals. We try our utmost to keep her in line and so far it’s working. But she is generally one of those kids who when given the opportunity to strike she will. Case in point, while the audiologist was trying to explain the results of the test, N was trying to go for the keyboard on the desk. We kept on saying no and after a while she stopped. She not a second later seemed to assess the situation puts on her cutest and adorable smile and stretches her arms out to the audiologist. At this point A1 and I know what is coming. Poor audiologist doesn’t. She is enamoured that N would want to come to her. N’s face changes from cute smile to mischievous smile. Obviously only noticeable by us. The audiologist takes her and “oos” and “aas” at her. Not a split second later, while in her arms, N lunges at the keyboard and starts to fiddle and push keys. The audiologist quickly grasps what has just happened and laughs. My daughter is two and she thinks this way already. She can figure out how to get her way. I’m scared.

In any case, one of us was going to be in the booth with N to keep her still. The booth is small, I’m claustrophobic. Two guesses who went in with N. I sat patiently on the side while A1 went in with her. Geez that booth was small. Ok, maybe it’s just the claustrophobic in me. It probably wasn’t that small. I get all creeped out thinking about it though.

The test on a child so young works differently to the way adults do it. For a child of two there are two speakers on the left and right side of the child. Underneath those speakers are boxes with a glass front. On the inside is a doll and whenever a sound comes from the speakers, a second or two later the box lights up and the doll dances. My N looked at the speakers before the boxes even lit up! The audiologist then speaks into a mic without the child seeing and speaks to test the child’s reaction. Again, perfect score.

And now everyone (by everyone I mean my folks) can rest safe in the knowledge that there is nothing wrong with N and everything is fine. As I have stated before that for some reason they just don’t seem to trust that we would know if something was amiss with our kids. So after the amount of cash we dished out for this whole thing, they better be bloody thankful.


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