Time Away….Does Nothing

I have survived the Easter break and our little getaway for the long weekend. Barely. I had all expectations that it would go well. I mean how bad could it possibly be? I clearly forgot to bear in mind that “no rules grandparents” were coming on this trip with us. Torture to say the least.
We left on Good Friday. All packed and ready to go. Twin toddlers strapped in their car seats and the two of us geared for the 3 hour trip. It shouldn’t be that bad. Shouldn’t be, being the operative word. We packed ourselves, the kids, our bags etc. into the car and left for my folks’ house. My son took one look at his grandmother and had a full blown tantrum to want to ride in the car with them. This spurred my daughter into action. And you can only imagine. This all before we even left the driveway! We eventually got going after managing to placate the twins and we were off on our journey. It was relatively smooth sailing and N didn’t take long to fall asleep. Good thing too because it was their nap time anyways. However A took another hour to fall asleep. He had been asleep for 15 minutes when we made our first stop to take a break. A1 and I left the car with N awake and A still asleep soundly. My mother just needed to watch them while we made our way to the bathrooms. That was all.
We got back and the car was locked and kids were gone and so was my mother. I took one look at A1 and we instantly knew that the kids were running rampant somewhere. How A was awake when we left him sleeping soundly I will never know. Then trying to get him back into the car (another tantrum because he wanted to ride with his grandmother and she was like “nope, you need to ride with mom and dad”) was a mission. After much screaming and performing, we were on our way again.
We made it to our destination in one piece. Or rather my sanity did. I was already dreading the rest of the weekend. Dark clouds gathered in my head and I could feel the storm approaching.
As I expected the kids were totally unruly due to the grandparent’s presence. Trying to get them to listen and do anything was like trying to get blood from a rock. Defiance was the order of the day and I was all ready to give up. Why fight the inevitable? I let the grandparents handle them until my mother came through “exhausted” stating it’s my turn. My turn? I’ve been trying to do that the whole weekend!! Why is it called a holiday when the activities are pretty much like they are at home except worse with the grandparents around?
Getting home was a similar arduous experience. Its official, I hate travelling with the kids. Its mind numbingly exhausting and I really would choose not to do it. Maybe I would change my mind as long as my folks were not with. Yes, I think that would probably work out better. Come to think of it, where was my holiday? When did I actually get time to enjoy it? I didn’t. Its like being at home with the kids just in a totally different location. I’m of the opinion holidays wont be holidays for a long time yet.
Back to work and all is well. Kids are back to being their normal selves and there is some sense of control back in our household.


4 thoughts on “Time Away….Does Nothing

  1. We have in general found that our best holidays with the kids is just us – our little family, no others involved.

    And get a DVD in the car – best money ever spent.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I might not give the holiday thing up as yet. Will try going with just our household first.
      Must investigate the dvd in the car thing too!

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