A State Of Undress

I have discovered that N has a new hobby. She likes to be naked. She, at odd times, likes to take of her top and relishes the fact she doesn’t have a top on! I’m beside myself.

I was also well on my way to calming myself down and to realise that, HOPEFULLY, this is a phase. Then I get home today and L tells me a tale so horrifying I damn near wanted to have a stroke!

Side note: the next paragraph or two might get nasty as I’m gonna be graphic. I might also swear because the thought of what I’m about to write raises my blood pressure!

Ok, so turns out N has an affinity to undoing her nappy of late. I have noticed this but have reprimanded her and she hasn’t done it on a regular basis. In any case this morning N decides she was going to undo her nappy completely! L was in the kitchen and having breakfast and the kids were playing quite nicely for a change. However playing nicely for N meant that she undid her nappy and had just her pj pants on. No probs you might be thinking. Any mother will probably have a stroke at what happened next! I know I would’ve!

N proceeds to the corner and decides then and there would be a good time to make a poo!

Side Note: it seems the twins have a tooth coming out at the back. A molar for each of them. No real effects (thank goodness) but just a looser than normal poo. Yes, do you now see where I’m going with this?

So there she is in the corner making her poo which then ceremoniously slides down her pant leg and to the floor! By this time L is looking at N in abject horror! And of course A, being ever ahead of his age, stands on the opposite end of the lounge area and just says “disgusting”!

Its not over.

She then decides her pants is now dirty and takes it off! And then has a wee! L stated she nearly died at this point and at an attempt to stop her N further decides to rub the poo all over further on the floor before lifting her hands up and showing them off proudly!

L said I would have had heart failure right there! And she’s right I would have! WTF? If she pulls that stunt again I have half a mind to take her outside and hose her down! Their poo nappies of late, because of the molars coming out, have stunk to hi heaven and I have a sensitive stomach!

I believe this is not an odd occurrence for kids her age, but geez I’m not keen for the clean up! Like I said I’m beside myself!

Note to self: watch N like a hawk ALL weekend!!


7 thoughts on “A State Of Undress

  1. LOL! Don’t feel too bad, hun – my son decided to take his nappie off EARLY one morning before his dad or I had even woken up… And yes, it was a “poo nappie” and he had smeared it ALL over the inside of his cot and the wall behind it!

  2. sorry but I had to LMAO (but I feel you paid…I often come home to the cat having smeared poo all over my couch or bed…erm no, not as bad – I tried tho lol)

  3. Yasmin,
    I’m going to LOL and then *retch*. Eish.

    When my niece was about that age, my brother found her in the little blow-up (empty) swimming pool “painted” with poo. Herself covered too. He held her by the 1 arm, lifted her by the 1 arm and hosed her down. She screamed blue murder. She got clean. She’s now 7 and none the worse. My brother and sis-in-law survived the poo-stage.

    Think I should post about the poo-stage in kids. It is a very normal, even desirable stage for kids your age. *retch* (I’m not good with poo meself).

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