Curiouser And Curiouser

The working world is truly a place where human nature is fickle. And honestly? I hate what people become when they let the working world consume them. It’s strange to think that some people go out of their way to make others’ lives as completely miserable as possible. This, just in order to feel good about themselves or it could just be that need for power and so forth.

Did these people start out this way? Did they from a young age feel the need to belittle the others on the play ground and be the one that comes out on top? Or is it something that is learnt as you progress on the corporate ladder? I refer to not only managers that can be this way but even colleagues.

I’m wondering about this not because something happened at work today, but just because I have been noticing the behaviour of certain people and it (rather morbidly) kind of fascinates me. Are these people just as morose in their home as they are at work? Do they treat their kids the same way?

I reckon if they aren’t these so called “power hungry” individuals in their home, is it truly necessary to be this way at work? Yes, I do know the working environment is a “dog-eat-dog” world, but there are ways and means to go about things and still getting what you want. It doesn’t always mean having to be the snide talker, the belittler, the embarreser (don’t know if that word exists), the one who thinks they have it all under control when practically everyone in his/her vicinity cannot stand him/her.

So yes, it is also a known fact that you will not always be liked by everybody all of the time. But you know what? If you deal with the situation in a manner that is acceptable, you kinda wont be hated or not liked for long. People tend to accept things better depending on how the situation is dealt with.

This post might seem completely boring, but it’s something that I’ve been thinking about ever since I started working again. It seems after nearly 2 and half years of not working, not much has changed in terms of office politics etc. Regardless of what industry you’re in.


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