Thought Processes

This weekend I happen to be thinking (I do sometimes actually have enough clarity to do that ya know!) about the facts of general life. How no one tells you what to expect. Ok people are always quick and easy with advice but nothing compares to finding out these things for yourself. I’m talking about general life stuff. You know, the little things that make you say “so why didn’t anyone tell me this?” type stuff. And if someone did tell you, they didn’t mention the horrible bits about it. Always the cutesy stuff, but never the hardcore WTF? type stuff.

Well in my lifetime I have discovered the following (not in order):

1) Sometimes no matter how hard you work at something you will just not ever get the reward you deserve.

2) Dreams are sometimes just that, dreams. Depending on how realistic your dream is, will determine whether it will be achieved or not.

3) Kids will inevitably suck the life out of you. It is a responsibility not taken lightly. Be prepared to give up at least 20 – 30 years of your life should you want to have them. (referring to point 2, your realistic dreams will also have to take a back seat)

4) Pregnancy is not all it seems to be.

5) Kids are cute, for a certain amount of time only!

6) You are NOT superwoman! At some point in your life you will be driven to such exhaustion that you will be physically sick.

7) Life is NOT as you see on TV! (sorry to burst your bubble, but its not)

8 ) Contrary to popular belief, you will NOT be liked by everyone all of the time. Trying to reach this goal is fruitless. There will also be times when you will have to be firm, mean and nasty. Whether you like it or not.

9) Unless you were born extremely wealthy, there will be times when you wonder how the hell you are going to survive the month. (also see point 3 as a factor in regards to this)

10) You will be hurt and disappointed a couple of times in your lifetime. This is unfortunately unavoidable. But you will find the strength to get over it.

11) You are stronger than you think!

12) Crying does not make you weak. It strengthens your resolve to carry on.

13) True friends are those that no matter how long you haven’t spoken to them, because of life’s generalities, they will be there for you should you call.

14) At some point in your life you will lose your true self. Be safe in the knowledge though that you will find yourself again.

15) There will be that ONE perfect moment in your life that you will remember until your dying day.

16) There will never be enough hours in the day! There are 24, you will just have to manage.

17) You would have, at least ONCE, considered going to therapy or have gone to therapy.

18) Some people who claim to be successful are, in actual fact, just damn lucky!

19) You can never be 100% sure what the future holds. No matter how well you plan it!

20) In order to really see reality? Take the blinkers off!

7 thoughts on “Thought Processes

  1. This is incredible – well done for posting this. I think I felt my brain vibrate a little inside my head when I read some of these …..

    Love your work xxx

    • Thanks so much. It means a lot. 🙂
      I probably have quite a number of those types of things running through my head all the time. But i thought I’d stop at 20 before people thought I was crazy.

    • I think we all have that moment whereby we think “is this it?”. Ive lost myself more times than I care to remember. Each time just seems to take longer to get back to me. But I do get there and thats what counts.

      Thanks for your kind words hun. 🙂

  2. I could have written this…are we long-lost sisters? Seriously, I want people to like me. All the time. This is a major weakness of mine because it consumes me when people don’t appear to like me. Why do I care? I have no idea?

    I’d love to write more on this comment, but yes, kids suck the life out of you and hence I have to go make a certain someone breakfast.

    Brilliantly written my friend!

    • thanks so much for popping by!

      I have thoughts that go on and on like that in my head daily! I figured 20 were enough for one day! 😉

      I think at times we forget that we were also human beings before kids came along!

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