“You Do What Exactly?”

Can someone please explain to me what the meaning of “job title and job description is”? I am under the impression that it means you do the work that is RELEVANT to your title and the responsibilities that come with it. It isn’t unheard of that you can ask for help with certain things, but that’s exactly what it is, help, assistance!

Ok, let me give you a little bit of an explanation the way things (I have discovered to my annoyance) work in my current work environment. I am the resident “go for” (as in go for this, go for that) girl. The Human Resources consultants apparently have forgotten how to do their jobs and have taken it upon themselves to unceremoniously dump their work on me. Yes, I am a Human Resources Administrator, which means I assist where necessary. But conducting interviews on your behalf? I think not. I am not an HR Consultant. I definitely do not get paid enough to be one! I can handle the interview process with ease, but when you are sitting in your office doing bugger-all when in fact this is your job and you are getting paid a fat salary to be there, then I think we have a problem. So what is it then exactly that you do???!!

Yes, it clearly appears that I am bitching and moaning, and you know what I think I stand within my right to currently do so. Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely thankful to have a job. I just don’t enjoy it when people take advantage of theirs. There are others out there who work hard and get the job done and appreciate the fact that at the end of the day their salary was earned by the input they have put in.


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