A Little More Winning!

Since the kids turned two years old last year, our house has been like the TV reality show Survivor. You know the tag line right? “Outwit, Outplay, Outlast”, yup that pretty much sums it up right there. All the activities excluding (unfortunately) getting sent home and living it up on an exotic island till the finale.

Of course there are days when we win the “challenge” and keep the “immunity” (our sanity) idol, and then there are those days when we fail it completely and march off defeated to our camp.

We used to be so ahead in the game. I mean if we were keeping score that is. Ok, so sometimes I would keep score. Can’t help it! And somehow when they reached two our grip started to slip. They were becoming smarter and in the back of my mind I should’ve actually seen it coming.

Some of the challenges I am going to list here and mention who won and who lost. Because I like to keep score like that!

1) The “getting to sleep on time challenge”
Trying to get the kids to sleep at night is a mission in itself. Between N’s stalling tactics and A’s (as of late) making sound effects when its bed time (that is sooo going to be the topic of another post) its becoming a battle! More often than not I end up yelling at them (which obviously makes it worse) to just close their eyes and get to bed. When they eventually fall asleep I’ve almost lost the will to live. When calculating the scores in this challenge, they win!

2) The “eat what you are given challenge”
N is a fussy eater. It is extremely difficult to get her to try anything new. Its like a huge battle when something new is introduced. Luckily A isn’t as fussy and can merrily eat what we give him. When tallying up the scores and the fact that A isn’t fussy I reckon this one is a tie.

3) The “stop fighting challenge”
Argh! The constant fighting is bordering (ne is!) on rediculous! Its never ending. The one will start with the other and then pandemonium erupts. And this can happen within a millisecond! One second all is well and the next you see a toy flying past your head aiming towards a kid. I think we have yelled and disciplined enough to the point of being hoarse! No need to even calculate scores here. They win and we need to go back to the drawing board!

4) The “let’s see who can destroy more things challenge”
My kids are completely destructive! I mean totally! Toys do not last long in this household. Its almost unreal how twin 2 year olds have the capacity for destruction equivalent to a whole pre school! Ok, I’m just not gonna bother keeping score, they win! Again!

5) The “let’s see who can nag more challenge”
A1 has confirmed that A is the worst nagger ever! N follows at a close second and well I don’t count anymore! Haha! The constant “mommy, mommy, daddy, daddy” can sometimes, when you have had a long day or week, just bring you to the point of breaking! Yes folks, they win again!

So on this edition of “household Survivor” it looks as if camp 2 year olds have overtaken camp parentals by leaps and bounds. Here’s hoping camp parentals can make a comeback soon!


4 thoughts on “A Little More Winning!

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    • Haha! So true! But I just wanna win. Just a little more! 😉
      Thanks for the link. Will check it out. 🙂

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