I Cant Even Think Of A Title..

I’m tired. Nope, let me rephrase that. I’m roadkill. Because tired does not begin to explain how I feel. And yes I say roadkill because I genuinely feel like I’ve been hit by an 18 wheeler going at full speed!

I need to sleep. And I mean that I-don’t-have-to-get-up-early-and-do-anything-but-stay-in-bed sleep. I woke up this morning and even though I slept its like I never went to bed! Is there and end to the total exhaustion my body is feeling right now? Maybe I should get a multi vitamin or go jogging or get some exercise, or smoke less or….forget it, I’m just too exhausted and too lazy to care.

If I make it through today, I’ll consider myself lucky!

mmmm, sleeeep!!!


2 thoughts on “I Cant Even Think Of A Title..

    • You have that 100% correct! I might not last until Friday!
      Bloody hell! Its only Tuesday! *sigh*

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