Murphy Hates Me…

I’m so over the amount of times something good happens and due to Murphy’s Law it gets messed up again! Am I not allowed to spend a whole day smiling? Anyways, let me prove it to you:

  • GOOD: Yay! Pay Day
    MURPHY: “I’ll bugger up your television screen so you possibly are going need a new one”
  • GOOD: I can actually pop out in my lunch time to go to run a personal errand and still be a couple of minutes late.
    MURPHY: “I’m going to make it pour so hard with rain outside, the roads will probably be flooded”
  • GOOD: I finally have PC access at work!
    MURPHY: “Let me just help you spill coffee on your keyboard, thus delaying your PC activity even further”
  • GOOD: I actually am up for work not feeling too tired and on time for once.
    MURPHY: “I fused the bathroom light bulb”
  • GOOD: I finally get the kids to drift off into dreamland.
    MURPHY: “Just sending that car with the enormously loud speakers to ride as slow as possible past your house”
  • GOOD: Finally some relaxation and peace after kids have gone to bed.
    MURPHY: “Here you go; I’ve had this ginormous headache that I have been waiting to give to you all day”
  • GOOD: Good to have a car to get to work in.
    MURPHY: “Why have you been ignoring me? Here, I broke a something from the wheel joint of your car. No need to thank me.”
  • GOOD: I am positive N will eat this. I mean it’s delicious!
    MURPHY: “She won’t. Aren’t you happy you didn’t prepare anything else?”
  • GOOD: The kids should fall asleep quick tonight. They look exhausted. Good, coz so am I.
    MURPHY: “Nah, an extra hour ought to be just fine”
  • GOOD: I think the kids are so tired, they will sleep well and wake up a bit later than normal. Great, coz I relish the lie in.
    MURPHY: “5h30am is such an awesome time of the day!”

I’m seriously thinking I should go into a Murphy protection program.


8 thoughts on “Murphy Hates Me…

  1. I’d pay to have the hit man take him out…

    5:30 am…I’ve been there and now there is nothing I can do to sleep past 6 am. Sigh…

    • Sleeeep, that would be such a nice thing to do. When oh when will I get that moment of utter perfect sleep bliss? sigh

  2. I need the Murphy Protection Program too! Good: Husband off work to get van serviced. Murphy: Fuel pump needs replaced – $1000. Dang you Murphy! (Shaking my fist.)

    • Argh! I feel your pain!
      I know! What’s better than a hitman? A NINJA! Murphy wont see it coming! 😉

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