I Hate It!

I hate it with a passion. It is necessary though in order for us to live, but I still hate it. And yes I relish the fact that it gets me out the house and away from the kids, but I still hate it!

Grocery shopping!

The mere thought of being in a grocery store with trolley and trying to navigate amongst the thin isles (why are they so damn narrow??) gets the claustrophobic in me all panicky!

I don’t even need to explain how my blood pressure rises when the item I’m looking for is not there and the shelf label says “out of stock”. That would mean I would have to go to ANOTHER grocery to find said missing item coz I need it! (With twins around our luxury list decreased in size monumentally!). Did I mention I hate grocery shopping?

Then of course are the queues! I haaate queues! Of any kind! Doesn’t matter where it is, I hate it! I, coz Murphy is out to get me yet again, ALWAYS seem to pick the slowest queue! Without fail! It sickens me.

Let me tell you about my loathing for queues. I once stood in one for what seemed like an eternity to get my ID book changed. I stood there so long I actually began to cry out frustration! Couldn’t have cared less who saw me, I wept like a baby.

But I digress, back to my grocery issue. Am I literally the only woman who feels this way? I cannot give you a rational explanation to the hatred, but its there and will probably remain so till I die!

If I survive doing it tomorrow I should get a noddy badge! 😉


7 thoughts on “I Hate It!

  1. I used to hate grocery shopping until I started shopping exclusively at Trader Joe’s. Finally, a place that gets it! They have excellent customer service, good stuff, and snacks. They also give my kid free stickers and a prize and my kid is partially Indian so of course she loves anything free! My dad would be so proud. Anyway, I used to feel your pain! I hope you find someone to grocery shop for you ASAP.

    • I swear Im going to have to start looking into that “find someone to do it for me” idea. Today was utter torture and I came home with a major headache!

  2. Don’t feel alone, hun! You, at least, get to do the shopping on your own… Not being able to drive leaves me reliant on the “other half” having to go with and I HATE it! Not only do I then have to deal with the frustration of other people getting in my way (I wanna go in, get what I want and get out) but I have to wait for HIM as well. Then I also have a very particular system when I am unpacking everything at the till (necessities first, luxuries last) and he INSISTS on trying to help no matter how many times I have told him not to… Sigh, so yes, I feel your pain as well – hope it went off without a hitch yesterday! :o)

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