I’m Branching Out…or at least trying to

Ok, so my ego got the better of me. I didnt think that I would get to this point but I have. And frankly I kinda like it.

I recently registered and got accepted on Top Mommy Blogs! I think its a fabulous little community and a wonderful place to “meet other moms”.

Now you see that badge icon on my side bar (on your left)? The one with the juggling mommy?  Just under the pics of the kids? Yeah, that one. If you click on it you can experience Top Mommy Blogs for yourself. Really is a great site and I reccommend you have a look mommy blogger or not. Oh yes, and everytime you click, its a vote for me! This also helps my ranking on the site.

Ok, and yes, it has boosted my ego a little bit. Today is a shallow day for me. I have those moments all too often. These days anything that can put a smile on my face or make me laugh is top notch in my book!

So go ahead, click that button. An amazing site awaits you! And it’ll put a smile on my face! 🙂


It would be awesome if you left a comment. No, really it would!

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