Sunday Play….and Destruction

The kids were actually semi behaved and barely gave me any hassles today! I’m eternally grateful! Sunday’s need to be chilled before the hectic work week starts and for today they seemed to grasp that concept.

Ok, so maybe it’s because I gave them boxes to play with. Their nappy boxes. And yes I buy their nappies in bulk boxes coz its cheaper.

Needless to say, they seemed to enjoy the boxes as well as turning our lounge into what looks like 20 kids were there! Fun, silly and destructive. 🙂

I have no idea what game he was playing!










N approved of this game. However she clearly missed boxman's defeat to the ground!

A decided to pose for a pic. Although I dont think he realises saying "cheese" entails having your eyes open.











N will never be outdone. Although I think she lost interest while posing for this pic!












Need I say more?

Another angle










Doesn't matter which angle you look at it, I still had to clean it all up!
















4 thoughts on “Sunday Play….and Destruction

  1. I don’t want to go into bragging rights about mess, but truly. you should see our house today. Freeking mess! (At east mine are at the stage where they start to help

    • Haha! you are right. Im sure it’ll go better once they learn to pick up their own toys.

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