Surprises…Who Knew?

My kids surprise me every day. Every day is new. I am astounded by the way that they cannot tolerate each other! The constant fighting (and ultimate scratches and bruising that occurs) is and can be concerning at times. But for the first time that I can actually remember clearly, something amazing happened.

Take last night. They were playing some silly (and by silly I mean it was rather cute) game. Laughter and cuteness all around. All of a sudden they start hugging. At this point my eyes were ready to pop out of my head. Could they actually like each other? It was a total change of pace from me yelling at them to stop fighting.

And then, here’s the clincher folks, N leaned over and gave A a kiss on the nose. And then again on the cheek and so the game continued. She seemed pretty damn proud of herself. I was too. A loves affection and constantly wants to have interaction with his sister. N is just not that type. She couldn’t really worry whether A was around or not. She is, to an extent, a very independent child. She does not strive to be around familiar people and to be the center of attention. If she feels the need for it, she will show it. It all really depends on her mood. And yes, my two year old daughter already has the mood thing down to a fine art!

Back to the story. So this “love fest” continued nearly all the way up to bed time. The longest I have ever seen my daughter be affectionate. I swear it was only after this was said and done that the thought occurred to me that that would have been an awesome Kodak moment. Unfortunately, as always, I am too late.

When this “event”, so to speak, will happen again I do not know. I have a feeling it might not happen again. I have to be more quick with a camera!!


5 thoughts on “Surprises…Who Knew?

  1. That is so adorable. I have the same problem with the lack of camera ready on hand all the time. I always seem to miss the good moments and only get J when he is throwing me a stink eye 🙂

    • Thats always my problem. I can NEVER get the kids to stand still for two minutes! Thats why I just call all of the pics I have of them “action shots”! LOL!

  2. How sweet! Mine (girls) are now 10 months so I don’t know yet but I’m seeing a bit of a pattern: E looks to her sister more, L is discovering the world on her own. And E is more fond of affection than her sis. So your blog post may be about my girls in a year’s time. 😀

    (Sorry to seem imposing… I found your blog through tags surfing twins. 🙂 )

    • Hehe! It might just be! Twins can be so interesting sometimes! Like I said, everyday is a different one.

      Oh I dont mind at all! I love having visitors! Thanks for popping by and dont forget to come back. 😉

      Yasmin 🙂

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