Fluff’s Top 5

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Things that freak me out…

I probably have a bijillion (yes, that is a word) of these, but I will list the ones that come to mind first.

  • People who are happy ALL the time.
    (No offence if you fall into this category, its just that I find it a bit unnerving).
  • Touching meat.
    (Have no idea why. Don’t have an issue with chicken or fish though. WTF?)
  • Bugs.
    (Anywhere. Anykind. Freak. Me. OUT!!).
  • People who don’t know the words “personal space”.
    (If I don’t know you and/or am meeting you for the first time please don’t come into my personal space. It makes me claustrophobic. And I feel attacked. Basically want to freak out and run away. Which people then might construe as me being a bitch on the first meeting. I’m not. I can be if pushed, but I’m not generally).
  • Totally freak out when people come to close to my kids (generally because of the twins scenario) and want to coochy coo!
    (Where have your hands been? Makes me sound like a bit of a germaphobe doesn’t it? I am at times totally irrational, but I cant help but think these things).