Bah Humbug!

Here’s the deal. I HATE being sick. Number one reason why? Unlike before kids, I now cannot get any rest. Which inevitably results in me feeling crap for longer.

I hate sniffing, blowing my nose and waiting for it to reach my chest which results in a cough that sounds like I’m coughing up a lung. Oh, the joy. I also hate the fact that I probably will (hopefully not this time) pass this to one or both of the kids. Sick toddlers are no fun!

I don’t know why I was under the impression that I was invincible. Maybe it’s because half of the people at work are sick and A1 recently too, and I hadn’t caught it yet. Murphy you are truly a bastard! Luckily I went last week and got enough meds for A1 which now I will be using.

So I’m sitting at work nicely drugged and not a care in the world. Haha. What I think I need is bed rest though. And of course I would get sick when it’s going to be a super busy week at work. So no sick days for me. Can you hear the pity party bells ringing??

I reckon I will continue with the “woe is me” scenario for a bit longer. It makes me feel slightly better.  I was also supposed to start my diet today. That, as you can well imagine, is COMPLETELY out the window until I’m better. I mean it’s not right to start a diet when you’re sick right? RIGHT??

Oh, and did I mention its MONDAY!???



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