Jail Time Anyone?

My kids are going to land me in jail. Seriously. They are.

I can picture it now in the headlines: “2 Year old Twins miraculously escape abusive mother”. And in the background they will laugh and giggle and hi5 each other and give each other knowing looks about how they have conned the world.

They fight! All the time. Sometimes it doesn’t even look like they will even start a fight. That’s how nicely they are playing with each other or in respective places and then boom! Like lightning they are at each other’s throats! Sometimes I don’t even know what it’s about. I just end up yelling for them to stop it before someone cries. Two minutes later someone does eventually cry in any case so I don’t know why I bother with the warning.

But why do I say I am going to land up in jail you ask? Because of the damage they cause each other. The scratches on the faces, the bruises on the legs etc. It looks like they were run through the mill. And this is no matter how many times A1 and I try to separate them from fighting. They just run back to each other and start again. If a welfare person had to arrive at my door step, I don’t think ANYONE would believe me and I’d be hauled away in chains like the despicable human being I am. Maybe I should employ better parenting skills? Hell, coz I’m failing completely in this area.

{Speaking of this I found out from L that A will most probably land me in jail first. As she was bathing him he noticed an old scratch mark on his arm (courtesy of his sister). It had healed ages ago, but in deciding to milk it he says “ouchie” as she washes him. She then asks what that is. His response? “Mommy” and then laughs. WTF? Now my kids are actually accusing me of abuse? Great, just great! Have I mentioned how I don’t like orange overalls much? It’s just not my colour!}

I cannot watch them all the time and L says the same thing. It’s like you will turn you back for literally two seconds and that’s inevitably when they take the gap.  The fighting and the resulting screaming and crying drive my sanity to breaking point! I feel like I could just lock them up in separate rooms until they calm down, while I have a nice cuppa coffee so I can calm down. Yeah, that probably would also land me in jail.

They can be such wonderful playful kids and they can play nicely together or apart, it’s just that something (or someone) always ends up being a trigger (sometimes I miss what it is or it can be a toy etc.) and then all hell breaks loose. Why can’t they just have a fight free play time?? Is that truly too much to ask?

Ok, so granted they have their moments when they don’t fight each other but will fight with me. Or do everything in their power to try and break my resolve and turn my psyche into a puddle of mush. They have nearly, on more than one occasion, succeeded in doing so. But I have found that the one thing that has saved me from literally landing up in jail is to just walk away. I actually just turn my back and walk away. I think it somehow confuses them. I do not say a word while doing so. I just turn around and walk to wherever in silence. I think it confuses them enough to just not carry on and they move on to something else. Not sure how long this will work though, but I continue to try and come up with methods that will save me.


5 thoughts on “Jail Time Anyone?

  1. If this is a real concern, get a video cam or use your iPhone, etc. and film them fighting and the scratches they cause each other. Also note whether they only fight in the home or if they control themselves when others are around.

    Be proative and after you have the film, take it to a doctor and express your concerns about their fighting but leave out the jail thing.

    And…if you are doing the damage, be sure to tape that and post it on YouTube to show how proud you are…

    • Thanks for the advice. I am also hoping this is just one of those phases where they get it out of their system now and will totally love each other once they are older. Yeah, hoping….
      Lol! post it on You Tube and show how proud I am and then get hauled off to jail? hmmm

  2. Seeing as I have only one kid and she fights with nobody but me, I really haven’t got too much insight that I can share with you on this.

    I totally think this is just a phase! I remember fighting with my siblings like there was no tomorrow…not much has changed unfortunately…

  3. My kids fight constantly. Seriously, constantly. The big kids and the little ones. The big kids are 14 and have mostly stopped being physical with each other…so at least you have that to look forward to.:)

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