Potty Time??

Trying to have a conversation with a two year old is like having your nails pulled from your hand. Painful, but it won’t kill you. In my wisdom (not sure that it was wise really) I asked A when would he like to use the potty. Kinda testing the waters if you know what I mean. It went something along these lines:

 Me: “A, when are you going to use the potty? You are becoming a big boy now.”

A: “Potty time mommy.”

Me: “Aw, hun, do you want to try and sit on the potty?”

A: “Daddy go get controller mommy” (A enjoys watching A1 play on the Xbox. We found old controllers for the kids to use. They love pretending to play games. Don’t know why we didn’t figure this out earlier, but anyways..)

Me: “Ok, yes, but listen to mommy for a second. When are you going to sit on the potty?”

A: Blank stare ….. “No sit on potty”

Damnit! I try again.

Me: “But A you are becoming a big boy now and big boys use the potty”

A: Smiles “Daddy sit on toilet for 5 minutes” (have no clue where he gets that one from!)

Me: ????

Me: “Yes ok, Daddy sit on toilet for 5 minutes, but when is A going to sit on toilet?”

A: “Look at colours on blankie mommy, blue, green, orange…” (He wasn’t pointing to the colour in particular he was kinda just rambling the colours off to distract me! Then it occurred to me: HE IS TRYING TO DISTRACT ME SO I WONT ASK THE QUESTION AGAIN!!! WTF???)

Me: “A, c’mon and tell mommy when do you want to use the potty?”

A: *takes dummy out of mouth and points to it* “Look at the butterflies mommy” (it’s actually lady bugs, but anyways..)

I give up…Like a total parenting fail on my part. I just don’t have the patience to deal with this part of their rite of passage to growing up.

So this morning I try and ask N would she like to use the potty. Her vocab not being as extensive as her brother all she said was “Pattah time?” and ran away laughing.

L is going to have to sort this one out. My psyche can’t take it. I’m not designed for this type of thing. Maybe she has more patience. After all she has raised 3 boys who are accomplished toilet goers. So why not just let her take over. Yeah, that’s what I’m going to do. Good plan!

Wait, what about weekends? *sigh*…….

For your entertainment (and because I am a sucker for punishment) here is a drawing about how I see this working out!


4 thoughts on “Potty Time??

  1. OMW this made me laugh so much! I am going through the exact same things with Jensen, except he screams when I ask him instead of diversion and laughing!

  2. Ha ha I found the wee-wee dolly worked.. they only play with it if they sitting on potty – they can feed it and watch it wee all while sitting on the potty.

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