Total Anarchy

This is totally rediculous! They have been fighting again today!
You might not be able to see it coz the light in the pic is bad, but that is a bruise next to N’s eye on the top part of the bridge of her nose. Kick to the face from A!
The two scratches are courtesy of N attacking him from behind after a nasty hair pull!

What the hell am I going to do with these kids?? I mean short of separating them into different rooms and never coming out I do not know!
Could they really just not like each other? Is it just a total parenting fail on my part? I mean they really can play nice sometimes, but their battles are getting worse! I actually am at a loss here….


6 thoughts on “Total Anarchy

    • Thanks hun. I’m hoping that this is just a phase. But also that they dont practically kill each other before the phase passes!

  1. It’s sibling rivalry. My sister and I used to beat each other up on a regular basis. She would do her utmost to try and irritate me, and I’d lash out and she thought it was the most hilarious thing ever. Now her and my brother do it to one another, obviously the youngest always ends up in tears and the eldest gets it.

  2. I fought with my siblings the entire time we were growing up and I continue to fight with them. I think it’s inevitable and has nothing to do with being twins!

    I hope that makes you feel slightly better?

    • I think the fighting wouldnt be so bad if there werent any scratches and bruises etc. They look sometimes like they’ve been at war.

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