Fluff’s Top 5

Things that make me smile…

  • My hubby and kids. As much as the kids drive me nuts and things seems all over the place, my little family unit is wonderful. I cannot picture life without them.


  • Twitter. I am a slave. A friend of mine drew this nifty pic. Haha!


  • T.V. I love my T.V. series. Again I am a slave to certain shows! Similar to below:


  • My blog. It is my sanctuary and am so happy that I continued with it.


  • Coffee. My lifeline! If I could have it intravenously that would be awesome!


(Side note: I have also become slightly addicted now to my little paint drawings even though I suck at it!!)


4 thoughts on “Fluff’s Top 5

    • It is a total time sucker. I dont even realise sometimes how long I’ve been on. I get so caught up! I looooove it though! hehe!

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