THOSE things again…

So there we were, idly minding our business and it was nearly the kids bed time.

Someone popped by for A1 earlier and while they were chatting the front door was open. So was the window in the entrance area. It was a really nice winters’ day so we could at least open the windows without turning the house into a frozen cavern of sorts.

Anyways I am getting excited (as I usually do, such a stellar mom I am!) because it’s nearly the kid’s bedtime. You can admonish me later, but for now humor me.  😉

I look over to the lamp near to the TV ( I don’t know why but I did) and look at the ceiling. I froze. There in all their glory sat not one, not two, but five fecking mosquitoes. Now, you all know how I hate the blood sucking fiends (check here), so you can totally imagine my reaction. I. WILL. NOT. TOLERATE. THEM. I refuse.

I call A1 to have a look and he says he will see to it soon. Soon? Ummmm, I don’t think the fact that there were FIVE MOSQUITOES staring at me (and yes they were staring at me from way up there, plotting their little group attack and laughing at how they were going to suck every drop of blood from my body. Yes, I know I am being irrational.) I was starting to panic. What if there were more? What if there was a whole horde of them hiding all over the house?

I think A1 might have noticed my panic stricken “Ok” to his statement and duly when to fetch a heavy towel to kill the buggers off. We had to use that because the kids were around and couldn’t use spray. I have a thing about inhaling chemicals.

And so the splatting began. I somehow managed to get my act together and caught a stray one mid flight with my bare hands while jumping up in the air looking like something had bit me on the ass. The kids found this clearly amusing and started laughing and even clapping. I think I pulled a muscle in my side/back area.

But victory was ours and all of those creatures were done and dusted. I felt victorious, and proud and the mistress of my home once more.

That muscle in my side/back area still hurts….


One thought on “THOSE things again…

  1. Mosquitos are the worst! We recently found mouse droppings in the shed. Puke, ich, blech. It ate through all our seed packets for the garden. So we were feeding them. Gross, gross, gross.

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