I Couldn’t Deal…

It has taken me this long to post this post because it took me this long to recover. The chaos that was last night with the kids was enough to leave my fragile sanity dangling on a thread and it’s close to breaking. Yes, I have recovered, but just enough to function in daily society without being hauled off to the nuthouse!

So last night my father proceeds to drop by and give the kids their potties which he so wonderfully claimed to have bought on Sat. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful because they are really nice ones.
He then, against my warning of not too because the kids will practically go ape with it, opens the boxes and gives each kid their potty.
Let me just add here that by now the twins were settled into their relaxing evening routine and quite well behaved.
The kids went nuts! Literally nuts. I think almost they think of it as a toy even if they do know kinda what its for.

Then we tried to take it away as its not a toy to which they started screaming! My father proceeds to then say “well, I brought it here so you gotta try to keep it safe, and I’ll be on my way now”. And he left. He left us to deal with the chaos that was about to ensue!

We tried to be nice and say that it had to be put away and used for potty time. The screaming started. And continued! And eventually after begging and pleading we just took it away as it was about to be broken by my destructive two!
And then all hell broke loose!! N and A pulled out the Grand Master Devil of all tantrums! I’m talking screaming, scratching, attacking us violently, not breathing enough so choking on own spit tantrums!
It took us literally near an hour to get these kids to calm down. Then out of frustration they started attacking each other!

Now we may have handled the situation wrong by, after the 30 minute mark, screaming and shouting at them. But bloody hell what else were we supposed to do? I have never seen my kids this “possessed” so to speak!! I was about to break down.

We managed to EVENTUALLY get them to calm down enough to have their supper and subsequent night bottle later, but after that episode I was left broken and damaged. Bed time rolled around and A was quick to go to sleep. N took another hour!

I think I died a little inside last night…


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