A1 Has Something To Say…

Not so long ago over at Ironic Mom, Leanne had her hubby be a “guest blogger”. It was wonderful.

So I got to thinking and decided why not ask my hubby, A1,  to do a post for me. He kinda looked at me and said “well what do I write about?” I said “anything”.

Well folks this is what he had to say…


 Shoot a gun daddy, shoot a gun!

So my wife recently asked me to do a guest blog post for her.  I was both thrilled and excited….  Ok, so it was not that recent, it was a while ago. And the asking was not really a request rather than an instruction!

So here goes. I have also asked the wife to leave it in its raw unedited text, as that’s what you are going to get as she is clearly my superior in the navigation of the English language.

I have always been a gamer as far as my memory goes back. I have always been able to play on multi platforms and don’t believe I am that bad.  PC has always been my favourite since that was where I was always best.  You might be asking at the moment what exactly my point is. Well it is simply this – every hard-core gamer hopes that someday they will have a kid who has decent co-ordination in order to game just as hard as dad and is at least remotely interested in it.

Since the kids were small, and I have been actively involved in their development and growth, therefore leaving very little time for myself and my passion for gaming… until recently.

The wife’s brother, thankfully is also an avid gamer. Every time we visit and he is gaming A is mesmerised by his gameplay, clearly he is not that bad.

Recently I got an Xbox, just like the wife’s brother, now the expectation is that since they can watch the uncle play, they want to watch daddy play. Fantastic! So when “we” game I set up with controller in hand and them with my old PlayStation controllers, all ready to go.  

In the beginning it was fantastic, the kids demanded that I play and I graciously accepted. It was a win win situation.  That quickly turned sour as A has no bearing on time. Now he demands that I “shoot a gun” at any given moment in his day, be it 5am or 5pm. He clearly doesn’t get that games need to load and clearly believes there should not be cut scenes!

 What have I done, I have created a monster.


3 thoughts on “A1 Has Something To Say…

  1. You did create a monster. I brought up the Wii for a while because I thought it would keep the twinkies occupied. Then it was all they wanted to do all of the time…so I had to take it away again! Good luck! Thanks for being brave enough to blog:)

  2. I love the guest post and since my husband is obsessed with all things technology I can SO relate to this!

    You have created a monster!

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