I Need Sleep….Part 2

In my previous post I stated how tired I was. This brought me to the realisation that today I have pretty much been a walking disaster!

I firstly damn near broke my ankle while walking into work this morning. Hurt like hell but thankfully I seemed to recover from said stumble and not break or sprain anything.

I then proceeded (in two separate incidents) to knock my knees against the corner of my desk while wanting to go fetch documents I had printed from the copy machine. I now have two very annoying bruises.

I then tried to fix a paper jam in said copier and sliced my finger open. I also didn’t know this until I tried to wipe the toner off the side of my hand and the area started to burn. Also my other hand had blood all over. How such a tiny cut could bleed like that I have no idea.

Maybe all of this is a hint that my body will probably shut down sooner or later.


2 thoughts on “I Need Sleep….Part 2

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