Show Some Love…

I am always on the lookout for blogs that make me laugh.

I currently am laughing my ass off (or practically wetting my pants) at two wonderfully funny blogs. One of which is on my blog roll.

Kendall from This Is Not That Blog is witty, and funny as hell. She tells it like it is and her drawings are hysterical! Pop on over and say hi ok?

Allie from Hyperbole And A Half has a unique way of telling her stories. Whether it be about her childhood, her dog or general happenings, she will have you in stitches. Show some love and go say hello.

Also, ahem, if you have a look at the “juggling mommy” in the top right corner, I would really appreciate it if you clicked on her and popped over to Top Mommy Blogs. A click on the icon is a vote for me. Yes, I’m being an ego maniac again. 😉



It would be awesome if you left a comment. No, really it would!

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