Fluff’s Top 5


Why I Dont  Avoid With All My Might Taking Twins Shopping

*        Two trolleys! If you know how much I hate grocery shopping you will understand.

*        People in general are fascinated with twins. I am tired of the questions.

*        Inevitably one will scream for something like a banshee and I will either die of embarrassment or be looked at annoyingly by patrons for yelling at my two year old like a fish wife.

*        I will forget about half of the things I had on my list because of my frustration with the kids and just wanting to get the hell out of there.

*        Longer period of time spent in store = insane me! Its takes way too long to get the shopping done. More than I would prefer. This is also a contributing factor to the previous point.


3 thoughts on “Fluff’s Top 5

    • Yes! I think that is totally another point! The “I wants” drive me insane!! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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