That Addiction Again…

A couple of years ago if you had told me that I would be as addicted to the internet and social media as what I am today, I would have laughed at you. I would have said “don’t be silly. Me? The internet? I so have better things to do”.


I clearly between then and now have become like a computer/blackberry (or any other thing that can get me net access etc.) fiend. If the kids and the hubby weren’t around, I would live on the net all day long.

It’s like this wonderful world where everything is just at your fingertips. Now only if it could clean house and the kitchen, I’d marry it. What on earth did I do without it? I ask myself that question about my Blackberry almost daily. I look back at the pathetic loser I was a couple of years ago and shake my head and give a huge over dramatic sigh.

Granted, back then, I was blissfully unaware of the addiction that the WWW could bring. I would just carry on my merry little way and be content that I did not have Twitter, FB or the like. It clearly did not bother me. What a complete sucker I was.

I started with FB. Seemed simple enough. I mean really, how life changing could this be? Yes, I know, dumbass question of the century. We all know how that turns out. I seemed to be drawn into the web of intrigue that was FB. And for a bit I felt “up to date” with technology. Sad hey? Yeah, I know it is.

Then along came Twitter. Oh, twitter. I don’t quite think addiction is quite the right word to use here. Something more like I-will-tweet-at-every-given-opportunity-and-totally-ignore-the-real-world-and-people-and-probably-kids-around-me.

And then I also started my blog. My haven, my solace in an otherwise chaotic existence. I honestly could not think that there was more to the net then, but oh how wrong I was. Blogging opened up new things in front of my eyes and they sparkled.

Obviously I started venturing into the avenues of downloading stuff and adding things onto my blog (which I’m still new at and which I totally sometimes suck at) and placing orders for things online!! Hahaha!! I am the shiz!! Is that how they say it?

PS: Anyone notice how time speeds up when you’re busy on the net etc. But we never seem to notice until its waaaay too late?


2 thoughts on “That Addiction Again…

  1. Time absolutely slips away from me when I’m on here. I’ve had to set time limits for all of my social media use, but it’s helped me to stay on track with what I HAVE to get done before I start aimlessly surfing 🙂

    • I think I will need to set myself a target of how much time I spend per day. I was going to say per week, but we all know that wont work! 😉

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