A Little Less Dramatics Please…

I find it very strange how the human psyche works. In fact I was going to study Clinical Psychology after school. That idea kind fell by the wayside. I don’t know why, but at the time it did. If I had the time and money I would do it now. After all, you’re never too old to learn.

Back to what is bothering me. Colleague

Yesterday at work I asked a colleague (she is an assistant) if her boss was busy as I needed to speak to him. She responds that he has someone in his office. I then ask (since I know she has access to his emails because she has done this for me before) if she can check if her boss received the email I sent last week and subsequently resent yesterday morning. I kept on getting an “out of office” reply. She then responds and says why don’t I just ask him. I say because it sounds like it is a very important conversation happening in the office and I don’t want to interrupt, and ask her politely to just check with him later if she doesn’t mind.  She says no problem.

 An hour later she comes to my office and says that her boss wants me to print said document I had sent him in the email and bring it to him. As she is turning around she says “oh, and he says don’t your ever threaten him through me again” and promptly walks away. WTF??? No, I mean What The Actual F*CK??

 Did I say something to her that completely set her off? Did I in the least threaten her or her boss? What the hell is this about threatening anyways?? I must have had some other conversation that I don’t know of, or zoned out and spewed all kinds of rubbish while under some restraint. How come I don’t remember this? 

When I went into her boss’s office with the document he didnt give any signs that he was pissed off with me. Clearly she had been having a bad day? Or year. Or century. Whatever it is/was, she was nearly two steps short of a bitch slap.

 I decided, for the benefit of everyone, that I shall show some restraint and give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she was having a bad day. She usually pops by and we have a chat. She has been very silent today. Very. I haven’t seen her interact with anyone really.  Unless I am being given the slip and she is talking to everyone but me. I shall give her a couple of days.


2 thoughts on “A Little Less Dramatics Please…

  1. it definitely sounds like she’s not her usual self so it’s very kind of you to give her the benefit of the doubt.

    maybe her shift key is broken too…and it’s setting her over the edge?

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