Is It Me? Or Is Today Just Crappy?

You know what urks me? (Yes, I said urks and I clearly am also not sure of the spelling.) When you are a good citizen and tax payer and you get treated like rubbish.


My morning was not a good one. Somewhere along the scale of “can we just give today a skip please?”

 The power went out at 04h30 this morning. I was not amused. I like electricity. I really do. I cannot live without it. I’m not designed too. Luckily we have a gas canister outside attached to a small two plate stove. Because I swear if I did not receive my morning coffee I would have lost it right there. I. Must. Always. Have. A. Morning. Coffee. Period.

 So trying to get ready for work was horrible and we had minimal torches. Then of course the kids woke up. Waaay too early. And this hampered getting ready. So we were running late. I hate being late. You think I would be used to this as trying to go anywhere these days and get there on time is a mission in itself. But no, I can’t let go. I hate being late.

 I got to work later than normal and wanting to phone the municipality to try and get an idea of when the power was coming back on. Also, obviously, to fight with them about service delivery and what the hell do I pay taxes for? And if this was a scheduled outage how the hell don’t they send out notifications of such and don’t they take into account people with small children and babies???? Only 5 minutes after getting to work my nanny texts me to say the power is back on. I’m deflated and I was amped for a fight.

 I wanted a fight actually. Fighting would have eased the pressure in my brain that is now giving me a rather shit headache. Also to appease the mind Gods, aka Karma, Inner Peace and Chi who got up and left me to deal with Irrational, Anger and Bitch. They got up and said “screw this, today is not happening” and just left me with the other three. Needless to say I shall be in a shitty mood all day.


8 thoughts on “Is It Me? Or Is Today Just Crappy?

  1. it’s “irks” but don’t worry, everyone got the idea. well at least you didn’t wake up feeling great, went to work happy even humming, only to come crashing and burning down along with all your hopes and dreams because that’s what happened to me yesterday…

    • Thanks for that! haha!
      Yesterday sounded rough for you. Hopefully you managed to get through it in one piece?
      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

      • oh no i’m crushed into tiny little bits and pieces so much so that i just gave my advanced resignation to be implemented on october. i can’t believe i can’t resign immediately and that sucks.

  2. I am right there with you! In my case we had electricity, but I just didnt have a freaking desire to get out of bed, thus running late making my day even worse…

  3. I love electricity too and get in a panic when the power goes out for even 5 seconds. I wonder how I’d ever live in India?? It’s just not possible for me.

    I hope that today is a better day for you!

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