Technology Fail…Amongst Other Things.

I will NEVER get the hang of this whole technology thing!

Just when I think I have it all under control, I don’t. I seriously don’t.


So this weekend I go ahead and add a “contact me” on my blog. Hope you noticed!  😉

In any case I changed the email to the new email on my account etc. and that was that.

You see, I thought when I changed email addresses it would not affect the blogs I subscribed too with my other one. I, for a lack of a better word, was naïve. Turns out it doesn’t work that way. I discovered this morning that I should have in actual fact have gone into my settings of the blogs I subscribed too and tell WordPress to send me updates when new blog posts are up. Now I might have had a bit of a bright spark moment and thought that maybe this will only be for the blogs I subscribe too that are WordPress blogs. Right? Shit, I don’t know. Will have to wait until one of those wonderful people post something.


N is snoring again. Louder this time. I think her sinus issue is getting worse. The nasal spray the paed recommended (which was a spray in each nostril before bed) has worked wonderfully up until now.

I have no idea what’s happening. She sleeps at night with her mouth open just so she can breathe a bit better. She snores so loudly I can hear her from the lounge sometimes. And sometimes it sounds like she is drawing a “last breath”.  <<<<<< (Insert not sleeping to well and dreaming horrid things on my part here).            

This situation has led to her being all pms like (this is what I call it coz there is no better way for me to explain the mood she was in yesterday). One minute she was a happy little girl, the next she wanted to make her brother bleed, and the next she was all tears and just wanted to be in the arms (standing up, not sitting and being in the arms). This cycle carried on most of the day right up until bedtime.

Have been trying to phone the paed office since 08h30! WTF? Why am I getting  “our lines are currently busy please hold” message. I’d be mighty pissed if they were closed (as tomorrow is a Public Holiday) and just didn’t damn well put a message saying so!


Last night I hurt my back. No, it’s not what you’re thinking you pervs 😉 , it’s the mere fact that my kids are becoming (what feels like) mini elephants. After N’s little pms moment yesterday, it was on one of those moments where I picked her up and my lower back said: “TO HEAR AND NO FURTHER!!”  I’m not gonna lie. It hurts like a bitch. I mean while walking putting pressure on my right foot sends endless amounts of agony from my lower back out toward my whole body. It hurts, pure and simple.

I thought if I just got a good night’s sleep it would be better and that I would be fine this morning. I’m not.

 This is going to be a looong day….

Update: I got hold of the paed office. Seems we should up the dosage of N’s nasal spray to twice a day for a week and see if it helps clear it. If not she needs to see the ENT. Its now a wait and see game.


2 thoughts on “Technology Fail…Amongst Other Things.

  1. Good luck with the nasal spray!

    I changed my email address a few weeks ago and also lost all my subscriptions – what a pain in the @ss!

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